Update: June 2018
In mid 2018, the SJRRC approved a partnership to begin implementing an e-ticking and app based system.  The plan is tentatively scheduled to go live in the fall of 2018. 

Update: August 2015

Tickets will be replaced with a form-factored card that holds no monetary value. Each card will have a unique serial number which will be recorded once it is sold. Cards will be inventoried automatically through an administrative application. A two-layer validation process will occur; the first layer will scan as each passenger boards the train, and the second layer will occur as the customer service agent is walking the train with a handheld scanning device. The speed and reliability of ticket validations will increase allowing for customer service agents to concentrate more on interacting with passengers. 

Passengers will be able to manage their accounts, add value, and pull statements regarding their trip activity through a web interface. Passengers will also have a less active role in ticket validation since the ticket will be automatically scanned.